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The KGBL Chamber Choir has become one of the most prominent Slovenian choirs and the most eager promoter of new compositions written by the young generation of Slovenian composers.




Conservatorium of Music and Balet Ljubljana Chamber Choir led by Ambrož Čopi consists of about 40 singers who are willing to improve their vocal technique, to sing a more demanding range of choral music and to reach higher performing standards. The choir regulary colaborates with vocal educators Edita Garčević Koželj and Tatjana Vasle. The KGBL Chamber Choir embraces a wide range of music genres and styles, from the Renaissance to modern music. In the past years the choir had commissioned many prominent composers, such as Lojze Lebič, Tadeja Vulc, Damijan Močnik, Črt Sojar-Voglar, Peter Šavli, Andrej Makor, Tine Bec, Matej Kastelic, Klara Mlakar, Jan Triler and Federica Lo Pinto to create new compositions, which the choir successfully promotes at concerts and competitions in Slovenia and abroad. KGBL Chamber Choir is one of the most imortant promoters of young Slovene composers geneartion.