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Chamber choir KGBL (2015- )

World Choir Festival (Hong Kong, 2023)

- Golden award, 2nd place (Category contemporary music)

- Golden award, Category winner (Category mixed choirs)

- Grand prix winner, "Choir of the World" award

- Best conductor award


World Choir Festival (Hong Kong, 2021)

- Golden award

- Outstanding conductor award

Cork International Choral Festival (Ireland, 2019)

- Fleischmann International Trophy Competition

- Special award for the performance of an imaginative and artistic programme to the conductor

Taipei International Choral Festival

- Concerts


Europian youth choir festival Basel (Switzerland, 2018)

- Concerts


International choral competition Tolosa (Spain, 2017)

- 1st place, category Polifony

- 2nd place category Folclore


International choral competition Maribor (Slovenia, 2017)

- 2nd place at the final Grand prix competition

- award fort he best slovenian choir


National choral competition ''Naša pesem'' (Our song), Maribor (Slovenia, 2016)

- Golden plaque, 1st place, category Mixed choirs

- First prize (the best choir at the competition)

- special award for performance of new composition (O Adonai, Matej Kastelic)


International choral competition ''Moscow sounds'', Moscow (Russia, 2016)

- Grand prix


International choral competition Talinn (Estonia, 2015)

- 3nd place, category Mixed choirs

- 2nd place, category Chamber choirs



Choir KGBL (2011-2014)


International choral competition Montreux (Swizerland, 2014)

- 3nd place, category Mixed choirs


International choral competition Maribor (Slovenia, 2013)

- 2nd place at the final Grand prix competition

- award of public to the best choir of their choice


Festival of contemporary music Canti veris Praga (Czech Republic, 2013)

- Golden plaque and first prize, category Mixed choirs

- Grand Prix Canti Veris Praga

- special prize for the interpretation of contemporary Slovenian music


International choral festival in Gdansk (Polamd, 2012)

- Golden plaque and 1st place, category Mixed choirs

- Golden plaque and 1st place, category Chamber choirs


National competition of children’s and youth choirs Zagorje ob Savi (Slovenia, 2012)

- Golden plaque cum laude and first prize, category mixed youth choirs


International choral festival Samoborsko zborsko protuletje (Croatia, 2011).

- First prize

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